The Penny Parks Foundation – providing rapid and painless resolution of trauma & childhood abuse to the many victims worldwide through Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT).

Although originally devised over 30 years ago this therapy model has continually evolved to remain at the cutting edge of the resolution of trauma, childhood abuse & emotional challenges. It is probably the most effective model available with the most significant feature being that it can bring about change gently as there is no need to disclose any details of traumatic events. The rapidity of its effectiveness has been enhanced by the introduction, in 1996, of the PICT Quick Change model, devised originally to cater for clients from overseas; where resolution may be completed in a series of 5 consecutive days of 4 hour sessions. (The QC 4 hour sessions can also be offered in 2 or 3 day weekly formats).

Penny Parks FoundationThe Foundation also provides a valuable resource to clients, practitioners and health professionals, as well as anyone interested in the topic of childhood abuse and its related subjects. Penny Parks herself is regularly consulted as an expert in the field by health professionals, the media and in legal cases.

The Aims of the PPF CIC are:-

A) To promote the development of PICT therapists for the benefit of the community and the those who are recovering from abuse.
B) To continue with a high level Diploma qualification which requires each therapist to maintain a self awareness, a personal willingness to embrace personal change and to evidence a level of professional integrity.
C) To raise awareness that resolution through constructive, purposeful therapeutic work is available to all, children and adults.
D) To make available the PICT model to organisations within a charity or helping frame-work at a reduced rate either through training or being able to access seminars and work- shops to facilitate an understanding of the benefits found in PICT.
E) To provide organisations working within the arena of abuse the opportunity to access
Clinical Supervision to help with their personal well being and professional development.

Whilst this site is a comprehensive resource in the field of Child Abuse (recognition, treatment & training), if you cannot find the information you require please contact us directly and we will endeavour to provide the help you are seeking.

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